Benefits of Using EBM Educational Prescription

Benefits of EBM Educational Prescription (EP):

  1. User friendly website incorporates Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) training into patient care
  2. Built in EBM resources to help residents complete EPs
  3. Provides evaluation of resident EBM competency as part of the ACGME’s Practice Based Learning and Improvement competency
  4. Built in online faculty development and integrated scoring rubric to help with evaluation
  5. Ability to track resident completion and faculty grading
  6. Easy report generation
    • Resident level reports for annual resident reviews and learning contracts
    • Program level reports for reporting EBM competency to ACGME
  7. Validated in multi-institutional study
  8. EP website rated as a valuable resource by residents and faculty
  9. EP use has led to demonstrated changes in patient care